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3 Frivolous Ways To Cheer Up by Best Facials Singapore

3 Frivolous Ways To Cheer Up by Best Facials Singapore

3 Frivolous Ways To Cheer Up by Best Facials Singapore

If you’re looking for a reason to jump out of bed each morning during this quarantine, what about try one of these 3 ways which are tried and tested!

1) Gifting yourself and your loved ones!

Shop online and space the delivery out over 4 weeks! When someone rings the doorbell, my children feel excited!

Usually, I would ‘subcontract’ my online shopping to my staff and will pay for whatever they have  adventurously decided for me. Often a little too revealing for me. 🙂

Never have I imagined I would have patience to browse through online catalogue, not to mention follow fB live ‘bidding’ groups! Now, with more time on my hands, I even started to follow fB live! OMG…

Not sure if it is a good habit but now more than ever, I feel more connected to my 3 teenager girls! Don’t be surprise to see me post on Tik Tok the latest dance move!!!!

2) Put on a sheet mask and watch Netflix

Family bonding over Korean or Japanese sheet mask anyone? And have a Netflix movie night?

It can be really heartwarming when the whole family (including daddy bear, mummy bear and baby bear) put on a sheet mask in their PJ watching Netflix. And the bonus, a nice glowy face to look at the next couple of days!

3) Coffee, Tea or Wine?

Morning coffee, afternoon tea and wine at night sounds like a sure way to enjoy life!

Yes, it can be quite daunting to prepare so many meals a day. For my family, simple French toast with morning coffee, Marks and Spencer biscuits dip in English Breakfast Tea and some President Brie cheese with wine will be a perfect day!

Main dishes can be anything simple ~ as long as there is colorful veg, fruits, tofu and eggs!

Yes, life for us at home is frivolous, simple and simply throw together! I believe ENERGY is the most important to keep us mentally and emotionally well. If we are tense and stress, how could the food taste good?

Here is to making more fun at home?

Oh no… we have advanced to calling each other by the last 4 digit of BC or NRIC to play ‘prison’! Ha ha ha!

Till then stay safe, stay positive and stay silly!

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