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Do you find the apple beautiful by Best Facials Singapore

Do you find the apple beautiful? by Best Facials Singapore

Do you find the apple beautiful? by Best Facials Singapore

This is one of the most common phrases we ask our clients at Angels Dream Spa, home to the Best Facials in Singapore. ‘Yes. The apple is beautiful!’ is always their answer.

If the apple with all its natural grains and different shades of red/pink is beautiful, then why don’t we appreciate our freckles, moles or even some fine lines as our expression lines? Are we too obsessed with the perfect face?

Perhaps it is time to review what Natural Beauty is?

As more and more people can afford aesthetic procedures, it is important that we have a healthy perception of what Natural Beauty is and continue to celebrate it. We have seen the evolution in the fashion industry where the scrawny and stick-thin models have given the youth the wrong perception leading to many eating disorders. The phenomenon is now repeating its history in the beauty industry, where perfection is sought. Many are now obsessed with the perfect face ~ free of wrinkles, freckles or cheek as high as their forehead.

Are fine-lines and freckles unsightly?

Oh…. even as I typed this, I began to feel uneasy. My mind immediately flashed the word “Of course. What do you mean?”….. But deep down, at the soul level, am sure we appreciate that fine lines are a sign of wisdom and those freckles are a show that we have been involved in life.

Natural Beauty is a healthy balanced skin ~ accentuated by the twinkle in the eye, the hearty laughter and the witty mind. Skin is our first barrier of defense for our internal organs. Besides beautifying us, it has an important task to protect us. This we have to establish as the common understanding with our clients (also the foundation of our relationship) before we start any facial program with them.

A healthy balanced skin has these features:

1) High content of moisture in the epidermal layer (the outer most layer which forms the protective layer over the body). Keratinocytes form 95% of the cells and remaining is made of melanocytes (responsible for skin color) and Langerhans (immunity).

2) Healthy amount of collagen and elastin in the dermis layer (middle layer which forms the connective tissue contain nerve endings, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, hair follicles, sweat glands and sebaceous glands.

3) Good fat pads in the hypodermis layer which attach the skin to muscles and bones. It provides cushion and insulation to the body.

As a professional beautician, our job is to restore imbalanced skin to health. This include blemishes from hormonal changes, sensitive skin  from pollution, sun burn or aesthetic procedures including laser or acid peel. And facial massages and prescribe ampoules, serum, essences which acts as superfood for the skin to rejuvenate naturally.

We have carefully put together a comprehensive spa menu for healing and grooming the skin. Whencoupled with a simple skincare routine, we are confident the perfect skin is now one that is firm, glowy and healthy. It may peppered with a few freckles or fine-lines but it is one that is healthy with a glow!

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Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.





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