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Babor Enzyme Cleanser solves pimples by Best Facials_Singapore

Babor Enzyme Cleanser solves pimples by Best Facials Singapore

Babor Enzyme Cleanser solves pimples by Best Facials Singapore

First, lets  understand what causes whitehead, blackhead and pimple.

Babor Enzyme Cleanser Solves Pimples by Best Facials Singapore

They are all caused by build up of oil, dead skin cells and bacteria in the pores and occur most frequently on the T zone and sometimes also on cheeks. The key to staying clear of congestion and pimples which might lead to pimples and acne is to keep the pores clean and oxygenated.

Root cause of this problem is overactive hormones leading to overactive sebum glands.

As a busy mother with 3 teenagers, it is quite distressing when you see your kids being plagued by whiteheads, blackheads or pimples. This problem is even more serious for kids who are active in outdoor sports and have not developed a cleansing routine.

Having successful prescribed a simple 3 steps routine to my clients, here I would love to share this knowledge to all who have tried many avenues but to not avail. Let’s put an end to trial and error and see immediate results. Cleared up skin without using any prescribed medications.

Step 1: Babor Enzyme Cleanser

A bio-active skin-refining and whitening cleansing powder with mild vitamin C and papaya enzymes. Enzymes are proteins that digest other unwanted proteins, such as the dead skin cells and old scar tissue trapped deep inside the pores.

Simply pour some of the powder on your palm and wet it with water. Rub gently on the face until it foams up. Cleanse morning and night. Observe skin becomes cleaner instantly.

Step 2: Babor Rose Toner

Free of alcohol, colorant and perfume oils. Babor Rose Toner is a refreshing toner with apple essence that strengthens the natural skin barrier after cleanser.

Step 3: Maria Galland D510 SOS Pimple Gel

This purifying anti-bacterial facial gel helps to clear up pimple by drying them up. It helps to absorb excess sebum, removes dead skin cells and clears blocked pores. The main active ingredients include LPM complex (lipase, protease, maltodextrin) which helps to remove dead skin cells and salicylic acid which to clear blocked pores. Most of all, the liquorice root extract helps to relieve irritation and itching.

Besides following a good cleansing ritual, it is important that we don’t loose heart and continue to use the products for at least 3 weeks as it takes 21 days for the skin to renew. In the meantime, drink loads of water and eat lots of food high in vitamin C.

To ensure we don’t need to deal with post-acne scarring, try not to break any pimple as it leads to further inflammation which might require antibiotic oral or topical cream.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.

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