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Quick Fix To Avoid Dry Skin

Quick fix to avoid dry skin

Quick Fix To Avoid Dry Skin

The skin needs fluid to keep itself from being dehydrated (dry of water). Naturally the sweat glands and the underlying tissues provide moisture and oil to the outer layer of the skin. However, skin problems such as dehydrated skin occurs when the amount of moisture highly decreases.

Most factors that take away moisture into the skin are inevitable such as genetics, aging, and cold climate, which make everyone occasionally suffer from dry skin. When there is not enough moisture in the skin’s top layer, the skin becomes flaky and itchy. Worst, it can even become rough, cracked, and scaly.

While you can’t totally keep yourself away from the inevitable factors, you still have the countermeasures to fight moisture loss. Here are some home remedies you can do during dry-skin days:

1. Use moisturizers. After bathing, apply moisturizer on your skin while you are still damp. Dry yourself carefully by patting your wet skin using a soft towel so that the applied moisturizer wouldn’t be scrubbed off by the towel. Also apply moisturizer before retiring to bed.

2. Take sponge baths. Overwashing with soap and water can harm your skin’s outer layer and takes away moisture from your skin which worsen the condition. Sponge bath relieves excessive sweating but still retains the natural moisture of our skin.

3. Exfoliate at least twice a week. Dry skin cells do not look good on the surface. Exfoliation can help us to remove these and allow our skin to regenerate.

4. Use natural and organic products. These products contain minerals and moisturizers that can give your skin an instant rejuvenation. Check out Angels Dream Spa products and find one that is suitable for you daily need. This award-winning salon is loved by many as it provide The Best Facials in Singapore.

5. Drink water and fresh juices daily. Water replenishes the lost fluids in our body due to perspiration. Fresh juices are rich in vitamins that will make your skin look refreshed.

6. Try Best Facials in Singapore for Dehydrated Skin

Although many things can dry out your skin, the health of your skin is still generally in your hands. During dry-skin days, it is important that you know how to keep your skin moisturized.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our blog as part of the series from The Best Facials In The East of Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.



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