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How we kept well during SARS by Best Facials Singapore

How we kept well during SARS by Best Facials Singapore

How we kept well during SARS by Best Facials Singapore

Being a first-time-mum during the peak of SARS in 2003 was no mean feat at all. Now my eldest daughter is 17 years old. How time flies…..

The most memorable event was how my daughter would cry incessantly when she saw the first strangers’ face when she was 6 months old. It may sound hilarious now but it was a grim reminder of how we diligently stayed in and avoided crowds during SARS.

Those valuable lessons seem to come in handy for our current situation. We survived and here are some of our learnings. Hope you’ll find them useful and give us all some confidence that we can pull through this and it will soon be yet another history.

1) Keeping oneself well 

Many individuals make up a community. Hence, keeping oneself well is doing your part as a citizen of our nation. Staying well is simply practising the good habits which you are already doing on a daily basis.

Healthy habits could include

a) daily outdoor exercise

b) eat a balanced diet with lots of vegetables

c) hydrate with lots of soup

d) juicing  or lots of fruits as after-lunch or after-dinner snack.

e) sleep at least 7 hours a day

2) Avoid crowd

As a biochemist by training,  we all know well it takes too long to create an anti-viral drug for such a contagious virus. Hence, the best antidote is to have some self-restrain and avoid crowd for the next couple of weeks. This will minimize ourselves being the ‘transporter’ for the virus and reduce the possibility of transmission.

3) Wash yourself from top-to-toe 

Once you reach home, have a good shower before caring for your children or having dinner with your family.

4) Stay positive 

Nothing beats good endorphine level to stay well. Lots of exercise in the open keep us free from any cold/influenza, not only this specific strain of virus. Don’t stay home and worry. Get out there and have some fresh air!

5) Be responsible

Do not go to school or go to work if you have a scratchy throat or sneezy nose. Especially if you have a fever. Put up your feet and enjoy some Netflix. Take this opportunity to restore your body to good health and relax. No one will question the need for you to stay in. How nice isn’t it?

It won’t be long when this will all be over. Then when you reflect, you would like to remember it as an episode in your life when we should always practise good social responsbility and have appropriate self-control.

Let’s keep the nation safe by first keeping ourself well. Remember don’t turn into the selfish adult who hog masks, sanitizers and groceries. The kids are watching our behaviour and you would like to pass the right values to them as they would be adults who need to lead their family through one of these epidemic in the future.

Stay kind and stay well.

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