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Perspective by Best Facials Singapore

Perspective by Best Facials Singapore

Perspective by Best Facials Singapore

Since end January 2020, I had been following the development of Covid-19 carefully. I remembered vividly during Lunar New Year, home-visiting was about catching up with the news showing Wuhan’s latest development in the background.

I never expeccted it would affect Singapore and the rest of the world so quickly. When Dorscon Orange was announced in March with the first local  transmission affecting a Victoria JC teacher, it finally dawned on me that this is for REAL.

Fast forward to mid April, while staying home during Singapore’s ‘Circuit breaker’, strangely, I felt a sense of peace and calmness.

I am wondering what helped me feel safe and calm.

I guess it is all about PERSPECTIVE. In comparison to more sombre life events, including my dad’s liver cirrhosis leading to his demise and my mum’s battle with breast cancer, staying home doesn’t seem so difficult after all. Glad mum is all well now.

My staff and friends often asked me why I don’t seem to be too perturbed about this situation. When such situations arise, I draw strength from the difficult experiences I have had.

Yes. No experience is a bad experience and a smooth sailing life may not necessarily be a blessing. Through the years, I learnt to SIMPLY LET GO..

Strangely this came easy only after going through a few operations to remove uterine polyps ~ some benign growth which cause irregular bleeding. For all 3 times when I was lying on the operating table, looking up at the operating lights waiting for the effects of the anaesthetic to kick in, I feel totally out-of-control.

I felt I had wasted too long trying to control my life and to make it PERFECT. To score the perfect score, to be the perfect person, to have the perfect family …That is no longer my aim in life. Yes, I still try my best but only if I can have FUN along with it.

I hope my experience above can help my friends out there who may be feeling anxious to feel better. This too shall pass.

Despite the challenges we are facing now, we should feel blessed to be cared for by such a good team of leaders. Here, again I would like to pay tribute to all the healthcare workers, esssential services and our ministers who toil day/night to keep us safe and comfortable.

As for the rest of us, let’s do our part by staying home.

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