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Guinot Facials for Lifting by Best Facials Singapore

Guinot Facials for Lifting by Best Facials Singapore aka Facial Gym or Facial Yoga!

Guinot, the No.1 Professional Skincare from France is really something. Its most coveted treatment is said to have fans including Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth and the late Princess Diana.

Now, let’s discover together why Guinot Hydradermie Lift Facials are loved by so many, both beauticians and clients. Guinot Hydradermie treatment uses the inoization technology to help the skin absorb the active ingredients deep into the epidermal layer.

Hydradermie Lift Treatment is a lifting treatment using Facial Gymnastics.  It is weird to even imagine doing facial exercise before this. But now, with so many of us living an active lifestyle including daily gym or yoga, it is not unimaginable to do facial exercise including getting a facial gym at the salon and daily facial yoga.

So, what is involved in Guinot Lift Treatment aka Facial Gym?

To heal mature skin, for anti-wrinkle and firming, the ability to jumpstart tired skin is the key!

Here is how Guinot Lift Treatment helps as the Guinot Hydradermie Galvanic Machine with double ball electrodes when moved in synchronized actions designed for lymphatic drainage and muscle stimulation. When coupled with Guinot Anti-Wrinkle or Age Logic Serum Gel, it helps to jumpstart mature skin.

The recommended treatment plan includes weekly facial for 3 weeks for instant lifting, deep lifting and last lifting effectively. 1 treatment per month to prolong the treatment results.

At Angels Dream Spa, home to the Best Facials in Singapore totally believe in overall cell regeneration and increased metabolism from internal. We rally behind our clients to start a 5 days workout session with a combination of cardio, strength and flexibility. When coupled with monthly facial and daily simple skincare at home, it will totally nail it for youth restoration.

Not to forget a simple facial yoga of 15 minutes everyday when you are your desk pounding away at your keypad. Will share more on facial yoga in my next blog. Look out for my next blog.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.


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