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The Best Facials In Singapore for Sensitive Skin

The Best Facials In Singapore for Sensitive Skin

This is part of the series of 8 episodes of ‘The Best Facials in Singapore’.

If your skin easily becomes red, itchy after facials, you may wow not to go for another facial. Having successfully helped our clients recover from sensitivity, we are happy to share with you our knowledge

Firstly, let’s find out what are the potential reasons for sensitive skin are and how we can help treat the skin with the most pampering and effective facial: Babor Stop-Stress Ampoule Facial.

Reasons for sensitive skin

1) Dehydrated skin from frequent traveling, drinking too much coffee/alcohol

2) Skin got thinner due to laser or acid peel treatments to get rid of pigmentation

3) Exposed to allergen in skincare or make up

4) Genetic predisposition

Best Facial Practices for sensitive skin ~ Babor Stop Stress Ampoule Facial

1) Avoid Harsh Exfoliating Agent

Harsh exfoliating agents like acid or enzyme art the main culprit for causing redness or itchiness. As sensitive skin tend to be thinner and the sensory nerves are closer to the skin surface area, it is best to use a purifying mask with simple ingredients like mild bentonite clay to gently remove the dull skin on the surface area.

2) Penetrate Babor Stop Stress Ampoule

The well-cleansed face is now the canvas for us to heal with Babor Stop Stress Ampoule. It is loaded ingredients including Wild Indigo Extract which promotes beta-endorphin which reduces redness and irritation. It also has hyaluronic acid which holds 1000 times its molecular weight in water and natural biopolymer to keep the skin moist.

The Best Facials In Singapore for Sensitive Skin3) Avoid overstimulating with massage

It is a big no no to overstimulate the skin with physical granular scrub or massage strokes on the skin during facial massage In our Babor Stop Stress Ampoule Facial, we use a technique called the lymphatic drainage point massage which is extremely relaxing. Some of the points we work on besides the temple at the head are between and below the eyes include the nasal area and the jaw. We may not be conscious that most of the time, we might clench our jaw whilst thinking or working on the computer. It is extremely relaxing to have these points pressed on and tension released.

The Best Facials In Singapore For Sensitive_Face

4) Apply calming lactic acid mask

Yes. Sensitive skin deserves to look fair and have smooth skin too. Whilst lactic acid comes from milk, it can also be very calming and helps to even out skin tone. Babor Lactic Acid calming mask is one of our favorite in cabin mask. Applied on top of Babor comfort mask mixed with Babor Stop Stress Ampoule, this calming mask gives an amazingly calming finishing to the treatment.

Yes. Even a very sensitive skin can receive a facial treatment that helps to reduce its sensitivity but also to balance water content on the skin. Together with an appropriate skincare routine at home, we are sure sensitive skin can restore its balance again.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore – Angels Dream Spa.



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