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Why Mask? by Best Facials Singapore

Why Mask? by Best Facials Singapore

Why Mask? by Best Facials Singapore

Whilst not considered an essential in a basic skin care routine, applying masks infused with skin tonic or purifying clay weekly is the secret to radiant skin. As everyone’s skin is unique, masks are not a one-size-fits-all. It is important that you use the right mask for your skin type.

Clay masks: Clay mask including bentonite clay has been one of the most deep cleansing mask. It helps to absorb excess oil, remove the appearance of dull skin whilst calming sensitive skin.

Cream masks: This category of mask is most suitable for dehydrated and dry skin. There are 5 types of cream masks ie. hydrating, sensitive, firming, anti-wrinkle and radiance. The efficacy of cream mask is the highest as the ingredients come into close contact with the skin and stabilized with occulant products in the form of cream. It may not be as easy to put on as sheet masks, but it is quite easy to wash off.

Sheet masks: Sheet masks is widely used by consumers. They are often soaked up with all the skin tonic including serum, essence and ampoules. Particularly Hyaluronic Acid, a super emolient to keep face hydrated. Other go-to masks includes Vitamin C, Vitamin A and certain serum made popular by Korean skincare brands. This include ginseng, pearl, yuzu, aloe vera, rose.

Applying masks once a week appropriately helps to exfoliate skin and to replenish skin with the necessary vitamins.


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