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Best frownlines fix by Best Facial Singapore

Best frownlines fix by Best Facial Singapore

Best frownlines fix by Best Facial Singapore

Whether you’re invited to the year-end party, going on your end trip, or simply preparing to look your best for 2020, we are glad you found this blog.

For some of us who love to laugh heartily and have big expressions when talking to others, or tend to frown at the computer, you may have a few lines on your forehead or some finelines around the corner of your eyes. Fret not, those lines can be much lighter and even completely with time. How do we do it without any injection or aesthetic treatment?

1. Guinot Liftosome Facial Treatment

This is our favorite firming and anti-finelines treatment at Angels Dream Spa, A unique treatment method combining firming, regenerating active ingredients with Thermolift mask which diffuses heat to improve penetration of ingredients.

The treatment has 3 key protocols. It starts with deep cleansing speciallly with Guinot Biological Enzyme peel which helps to digest the dull skin from the skin surface. Followed by lymphatic detox and firming massage with a pro-collagen cream. Finally, a themolift mask is applied to seal in the collagen cream. After 15 mins, a smooth lifted supple face will be revealed.

2. Filorga Re-Time Serum followed by Filorga Time Filler Cream

The most effective anti- finelines homecare we have reviewed so far.

This combination is amazing as frownlines simply get filled up in a matter of days. The active ingredient involved is Hyaluronic Acid and a plant-based botox-like ingredient which helps to send a signal to the brain.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream¬†Spa.


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