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'How to reduce dark eye circles' by Best Facials_Singapore

How to reduce Dark Eye Circles? by Best Facials Singapore

‘How to reduce dark eye circles’ is one the most frequently asked questions by my clients. Angels Dream Spa, home to Best Facials in Singapore would love to share our knowledge on how to care for our eyes, window to our soul in this blog.

Although our eyes are often first noticed when we communicate with one another, we often neglect eye care until symptoms of dark eye circle, fine lines and puffy eyes appear.

Many may think lack of sleep as the most likely reason for dark eye circles but it could be due to other reasons. One of the most common reason is dehydrated skin.

As we grow more mature, our skin become thinner and due to the reduction of fat and collagen content, our blood vessels beneath it more noticeable. Hence, our eye area appears to be darker. In addition, our skin becomes less firm, the baggy lower eyelids may cast a shadow on the skin below, creating the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

The problem gets aggravated if we spend too much screen time, lack of sleep, dehydrated, allergies or smoking/drinking.

How to reduce dark eye circles?

Besides getting enough sleep and reducing screen time, a good skincare routine which includes eye serum and eye cream twice a day is essential.

Eye skincare is very similar to face skincare. As eye creams are of close proximity to the eyes, it has to go through stringent testing by ophmatologist. Hence, good eye serums and creams tend to be pricier.

They help to nourish the eyelid and under eye area as these gel-like serums are full of hyaluronic acid which will hydrate the skin by plumping up the cells.

Besides Hyaluronic Acid (a sugar molecule), one key ingredient is tripeptide. It helps to soften the fine lines and wrinkles. To help reduce the dark eye cricles, a unicellular microalgae which helps to lighten the skin color is also another key ingredient to look out for.

A good quality eye cream often has Vitamin E, A and non-congesting avocado/macadamia oil which helps to boost collagen and keep eyelids lifted and supple.

Yes. Let’s keep our skincare routine complete with proper eye serum and eye cream. It is never too early to start with a good eye care routine.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.

My personal favorites:

Dr Babor Dual Eye Cream ~ amazing value for money with 15ml day eye cream which is lighter in texture to help with puffy eyes and dark eye circles. 15ml night eye cream which is thicker in texture targeted for firming and anti-crows feet. Clever packaging too with both ends of the tube filled with day and night eye cream respectively.

Babor HSR Lifting Extra Firming Eye Cream – another amazing value for money eye cream. 30ml of luxurious eye cream which helps to keep eye lid tight, heal fine lines at the corner of the eyes and below the eye. Highly recommended for anti-aging purposes.

'How to reduce dark eye cricles' by Best Facials Singapore'How to reduce dark eye circles'_by Best Facials Singapore

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