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Best facial for sensitve skin by Best Facials Singapore

Best facial for sensitive skin by Best Facials Singapore

Best facial for sensitive skin by Best Facials Singapore

Some of my clients wonder if they will ever grow out of their sensitive skin which can easily become red, itchy or swollen.

Why does skin become sensitive?

Let’s look at why some skin reacts to external stimuli. Those external stimuli includes pollutants, heat from the sun, perspiration, harsh chemicals and even touch. Skin becomes sensitive when the nerves at the dermal layer is exposed and hence reacts with redness and itchiness. The nerves are generally reactive mostly because the skin is thinner than it should be due to dehydration or injury from aggressive treatment including laser or chemical peel.

What does Angels Dream Spa, home to the Best Facials in Singapore recommends?

For our clients who turn up with super sensitive face, we recommend them to try our Dr Babor Anti-Sensitive Ampoule Facial.

Best facial for sensitive skin_by Best Facials Singapore

1.  Doctor Babor Detox Lipo Cleanser

Cleansing oil is the most suitable cleanser for super sensitive skin as it deep cleanses and yet leave a protective film on the clients’ face. Dr Babor Detox Lipo Cleanser is a unique balm which melts on the skin creating a noticeable warming sensation. This balm transforms into a cleansing milk when water is added to open the pores and remove deep-seated impurities. Whilst it deep cleanse, the lipo cleanser also protects.

Best facial for sensitive skin by_Best Facials Singapore

2. Doctor Babor Rebalancing Liquid

Handling sensitive skin requires the beautician to be very careful, down to the toner she uses. Dr Babor Rebalancing Liquid is extra-calming and moisturizing. This specially formulated toner with amino acid capryloyl glycine, natural radical inhibitor glutathione and panthenol helps to balance pH, reduce feelings of tightness. This product is much recommended for eczema and psoriasis clients as the skin immediately becomes calmer and smoother.

Best facial for sensitive skin by Best_Facials Singapore

3. Doctor Babor Bi-Phase Ampoule Stress Relief

We are spoilt for choices at Angels Dream Spa when it comes to healing botanical extracts. Doctor Babor Bi-phase Ampoule Stress Relief immediately reduces redness, itchiness, irritations. Contains an effective blend of Hydracyte and a desensitizing active cosmetic complex which helps to replenish the skin’s moisture. More importantly, the black current seed oil has high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids which helps to stabilize the skin’s barrier.

Best facial for sensitive skin by Best_Facials Singapore

4. Doctor Babor Ultimate Repair Mask

To complete this treatment, we generously apply Dr Babor Ultimate Repair Mask. With 25% fresh pumpkin sees and 8 herbal extracts like ginseng, nettle & watecress promotes scar wound healing. Clams and regenerates stressed, aging skin after chemical peel. It helps with quick skin regeneration.

With this pampering facial, our clients often fall into deep slumber and wakes up with calmer skin. Just as important, our experienced beauticians will prescribe some home care which will help you relieve and heal your sensitive skin when you used daily.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.

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