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What every teenager should know about pimples6

What every teenager should know about pimples

What Every Teenager should know about pimples..

Whilst every teenager face problems with pimples during their formative years, they are not necessarily equipped with the knowledge on how to care for themselves.


Almost 90% of skin problems are due to hormonal changes. During puberty, excess male hormones (androgens) stimulate overactive sebum glands. The excess oil clogs the hair follicles and blocks oxygen from entering the pores. It doesn’t help when these active individuals also play sports and perspire alot and some start to experiment with make up and foundation. These blocked pores with sebum oil, perspiration, dusts and make up make ‘condusive homes’ for bacteria growth.

Many resolve to trial-and-error with over-the-counter cleansers and pimple creams, not realizing they could be be sensitive to the harsh ingredients.

Still many start to pop their pimples which cause further inflammations which lead to scarring. L

From whitehead, blackhead, pimple and acne … the root of the problem is hormone induced over-active sebum glands leading to bacteria grouwth. So how can we prevent teenagers’ pimples?

What to do with PIMPLES?

  • Knowledge
    • Just like everything in life, knowledge is key. At Angels Dream Spa, the main reason we wish to meet the teenager whilst they are here to enjoy the complementary teenager facial is to give them the tutorial on ‘HOW to cleanse their face at home and if necessary, what pimple cream they can apply?’
    • Whilst most teenagers start to experience oily T-zone or whiteheads around 13-14 years old, the most challenging age with pimple problems is around 15-17 years old.
  • Habit
    • The 3 step skincare of cleanse, tone and a gentle mattifying cream every evening is the most crucial.
    • If pimples appear, apply pimple cream on the that spot.
    • Weekly, gently exfoliate away congestion and apply a soft clay mask
    • MINIMALLY, here are 2 items every 15-17 years old should have!
  • Lifestyle
    • Sufficient sleep, drink enough water and eat lots of fruits with anti-oxidant which promote healing and immunity.
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  • Hope you’ve enjoyed our blog. We look forward to sharing with you more information on how to restore our skin health again.

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