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Can I do a good facial at home? by Best Facials_Singapore

Can I do a good facial at home? by Best Facials Singapore

Can I do a good facial at home? by Best Facials Singapore

Feel like some well-needed grooming for your facial after the year end break but want to minimize human contact?

1. Stay home and learn the 5 steps facial ‘aka professional way’

If you have wondered what beauticians can do and that you can’t at home. Be ready to find out the secret of the treatment room! Only exclusive to our blog followers at www.angelsdreamspa.com

The answer is : Not much. Just tedious.

Just tedious to prepare a list of skincare items which you normally would not have at home.

1a. Cleansing oil instead of gel

Amazing French Facials from Revered brands always choose cleansing oil as a good first facial step. Cleansing oil acts as one of the best cleanser for congested, dehydrated skin as it is able to penetrate hydrophobic skin compared to water-based cleansers.

The trick is how to use a cleansing oil to make it work. First you spread the oil evenly on your dry face. Wet your finger tips and emulsify the oil using circular movements. Use a wet facial cloth to remove the cleanser and pat dry with tissue.

1b. Peeling agent instead of kernel scrub

A good facial always follow through with a good enzyme peel (made of pineapple. papaya enzymes) or mild acid peel (capable of bringing the pH of the skin from 5.5 to 3 or even 1.5). For home use, pH 3 is ideal as any lower, we need an alkaline to neutralize the acid.

One a month or two months, it is ideal to use a gentle peel to help remove the keratinized skin from the epidermal layer to help the baby skin regenerate and ‘breathe’ properly.

Do respect the protocol of the peel including portions and timing as it is crucial to ensure the skin remains balanced and not sensitive.

1c. Toner

A hydrating toner  applied with a cotton pad helps to balance the pH of the skin, ensure all remnants of the cleanser are removed and the pores soothed.

1d. Ampoules, Serums or Essences

Now the skin is ready for peneration of the appropriate skin tonic. Usually we use at least 2 tonics for combination skin. Along the T-zone, a mattifying or purifying tonic and the rest of the area, a hydrating tonic.  Tonic can be in the form of ampoules, serums or essences. They are of different textures and molecules size. But mostly, they are liquid-based to gel-based to ensure ease of penetration.

1e. 2 types of mask including eye mask 

We always always prefer to use 2 types of mask on our clients. Eye mask is mandatory to remove dark eye circles, fill up the fine lines and keep the lid firm. On the face, we close and tighten the pores with our favorite bentonite clay mask. Rest of areas including forehead, cheeks and neck, it will be customized according to needs from firming, anti-wrinkle, anti-pigmentation, hydrating to radiance.

Ahem… one of the most difficult to replicate is our yoga-inspired facial massage combined with our meditative setting which score us a record of 95% sleep rate on the facial bed.

2. Go to only by-appointment facial salon 

If you have to go to a facial salon, we highly suggest to consider a salon which is more exclusive and away from the crowd. Angels Dream Spa, off Bayshore Raod, East of Singapore may be an option. We only servce clients by appointment only.

Check out our testimonials at our website and fB @angelsdreamspa



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