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Best Facials Singapore with Babor Grand Cru Rose Ampoule

Best Facials Singapore with Babor Grand Cru Rose Ampoule

Yes. We have heard alot of those little vials which contain beauty fluid in its most concentrated form. Believe to be used as elixir by celebrities in packs before all important events.

Let Angels Dream Spa, home to the Best Facials in Singapore and East Coast Singapore try the newest addition to this ampoule collection.

Grand Cru Rose Ampoule set consist of a pack of 3 rose ampoules. The rare Red Damask Rose, White Alba Rose and Black Baccara Rose as key ingredients. Anti-aging, radiance and anti-pollution.

Best Facials Singapore with Babor Grand Cru Rose_Ampoules

In 1956, where Science meets Beauty inspired by Rose. Many of its luxurious skincare line has the rare Damask Rose in them.

This luxurious facials starts with deep cleansing with Babor Enzyme Cleanser, a bio-active skin-refining and whitening cleansing powder with mild Vitiamin C and papaya enzymes. Enzymes are proteins that digest other unwanted proteins, such as the dead skin cells and old scar tissues trapped deep inside the pores.

On a well-cleansed face, we select one or more ampoules to be applied depending on skintype.

Red Damask Rose, a sweet smelling flowery scented ampoule reduces wrinkles and helps stimulate formation of collagen. Its highly concentrated extract with epocyl has immediate anti-wrinkle effect. Also contains Lactil, hyaluronic acid, allontoin, panthenol provides moisturizing and soothing effect too.

White Alba Rose has a light and invigorating scent. It helps to improve the elimination of protein waste in the skin cells. Inhibits the melanin and tyrosinase production and thus compensates for irregularities. Providing instant radiance to the skin. Read more on The Best Facials in Singapore to Reduce Tan.

Black Baccara Rose has strong and pampering scent. Its highly concentrated extract prevents premature, environmental skin aging as it has anti0oxidants which helps protect stem-cell and DNA .Quick fix to avoid dry skin.

Once the ampoule is properly absorbed, we apply Babor Comfort Mask, followed by Babor Lactic Mask for smoothening, whitening and calming finishing. After 15 minutes, the mask gets lifted, revealing a firm, smooth and radiant face.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.


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