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Circuit Breaker can be good for skin by Best Facials Singapore

Circuit Breaker can be good for skin by Best Facials Singapore

Circuit Breaker can be good for skin by Best Facials Singapore

Whilst many of my clients are worried about their skin health, am positive our skin will improve during the circuit breaker. In fact, with some guidance, skin should regenerate at amazing pace and one can emerge looking younger, fairer and more supple.

Why would skin improve during #circuit breaker

1. Less pigmenatation due to UV exposure

Our clients who are prone to pigmenatation from sun exposure,  acne scar injury or hormonal changes tend to have more pigments when they are out in the sun. With limited sun exposure these 2 months, the over-sensitve melanocytes in the the epidermal layer calms down (if it is properly hydrated) and with the proper care, pigmentation improve tremendously.

2. Less congestion from make up

Usually, most corporate ladies tend to apply some concealer, foundation or make up to brighten up their face and to look more professional. These 2 months, most of our clients are advised to use only skincare including cleanse, tone, serum and cream. Weekly exfoliation and mask to help remove accumulated keratinized skin and to promote skin regeneration. If practised to the T, skin will emerge like baby-smooth.

3. Less dark eye circle from lack-0f-sleep

Dark eye circle, puffy eyes, crows feet and hooded eyelids are some very common skin concerns. This is usually a combination due to lack of sleep from having to wake up early to send their kids to school and long hours in the office. With home-based learning and working-from-home, though the workload is just as heavy, we save time from daily commute and get a few more moments in bed.

However, the contrary can also happen. If there is no knowledge of skincare at home, most clients neglect their skin during this period. If one does not do a weekly exfoliation and mask , their skin will experience congestion, dull skin, open pores regardless of the amount the cream they use.

Reason: Dead skin cells prevent all skin to be properly oxygenated and hydrated.

How Angels Dream Spa can support this journey?

Through its online skincare consultants at www.tngbeauty.com, our clients can zoom meet us or send a photo to us for a customized skincare range for homecare. Free delivery of customized skincare to one’s home is indeed a luxury. No more gueswork and trial and error.

A blueprint with a 3 step of cleanse, tone and cream for daily use and weekly scrub/mask will be shared with our clients. This will be based on their skintype and budget accordingly. We believe skincare should not be more than 10 minutes in the morning or night and hence it should be kept simple and yet effective.

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